Regina Women's Moccasin Black Crocodile-Black Leather (Regina-111.45986)

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Regina Women's Moccasin is here to complete your elegant chicness! It is a pointed ballerina resembling a loafer in black garnished with crocodile print on its tongues, straps with buckles and square low heels. Take classy and comfy steps with lovely Regina!

  • Black Crocodile-Black Leather Women's Moccasin
  • Made of top quality calf leather.
  • Outsole Height: 2 cm
  • Outsole: Neolite - It is more durable and harder than leather outsoles. It is unbreakable.
  • Handmade
  • Made in Turkey.
  • The model wears size 36.
Flat (<2 cm)
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