Women's Ring Models

For women, hands, fingers, nails always need to be well-groomed. Because women know that summer and winter are at the front of the hand, the elegance of a woman, personality and at the same time the foreground of the feminine. Another detail that emphasizes the beauty of the hands is the accessories used. It's just like a ring of ladies. A number of designs such as the preferred figure ring model, the simple ring model, the stone and the stoneless ring model, the chain ring and the double ring ring model are jewelry accessories frequently used in everyday life under the ring fashion by women. There are elegant models at the same time that the figures like purple stones, blue stones, owls, rabbit ears, wire ring models are used. In daily life, in office life, you can easily use many dress combinations in parties. In the mode of chain rings; The rings are connected by thin and thick chains. There are many different designs in this trend, such as chain rings attached side by side, chain rings used in the upper and lower jaws of a finger, chain rings attached to wristbands. It is also possible to see the chain models with silver, yellow and white gold designs. There are not many stone designs in chain rings. Chain rings are more preferred. Especially the yellow gold designs are attracting more attention. You can easily use chain rings models in your work clothes, special occasions as well as your daily clothes. For example, you can use a simple designed chain ring for a casual outfit. For a special invitation you can choose chain rings depending on the wristband. In this model, you prefer yellow gold especially, you will get one more step forward. Owl fashion is driving at full speed. The owl was actually known as an eerie and sinister animal. But now they are even cute thanks to owl fashion. Owl figures now adorn our clothes and accessories. Especially suited to rings and necklaces. At Ilvi.vom you have the option of gold color, silver color, stone ring.




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