İLVİ's journey has begun with a mission to make every women feel chic, elegant, special and stronger in İLVİ’s high quality and modern shoes.

İLVİ’s first retail store was settled in Nişantaşı in 2014 and İLVİ keeps growing and pushing the industry’s limits off since then with its handmade luxurious products made of high quality materials.

İLVİ’s second retail store and wholesale store were settled in Laleli in 2017 and third retail store was settled in Taksim in 2018, thus İLVİ presents its chic and eye-pleasing collections to a wider range of customers from then on.

In the late of 2017, İLVİ had a strong desire to bring luxury to men either and began to work on a new spring/summer collection for 2018 alongside women’s shoes, bags and accessories.

In 2021, iLVi reached a wider audience by settling stores in İstanbul Hilltown Shopping Center, Bursa Sur Yapı Marka Shopping Center and İzmir İstinyePark Shopping Center.

İLVİ always has colorful and different designs on its collections every season and sustains fast fashion in an innovative atitude by adding brand new products to the collection due to the latest fashion trends of the world during season.

It is a priority for İLVİ to satisfy its customers' needs and expectations, thus, İLVİ team makes a huge effort in order to present its customers the most fashionable and the trendiest shoes and accessories every season for both women and men all around the world.

 Feel the fashion with İLVİ!
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