iLVi has begun its journey as a creative and unique shoe brand in 2014. iLVi took its first step by opening a retail store on the most exclusive street in Nişantaşı and keeps writing a success story since then.

iLVi kept taking stronger steps on its path leading to growth by opening a wholesale store in Laleli in 2017 with the will to present its customers more alternatives. Afterwords, iLVi made a major move in order to spread its elegance and quality to a wider range of customers by opening a new retail store in Taksim in 2018.

iLVi’s most significant feature is manufacturing durable products made of high quality genuine leather every season. iLVi presents its customers not only chic but also long-lasting products.

iLVi aims to make its customers feel themselves exclusive and unique by drawing attention with iLVi’s modern and up-to-date designs following the recent fashion trends of every season.

iLVi combined luxury and chicness for men as well by launching men’s collectin in the late 2017.

iLVi offers not just exclusive designs but also a lifestlye, thanks to its creative and innovative approach. iLVi which unites the modern chicness and the uniqueness without giving up on high quality continues its joyful journey.

 Feel the fashion with İLVİ!
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