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Men's Belt Models

Belt is an accessory made of leather or heavy fabric made of flexible tape or belt and worn around the waist. It is also used to support belts, trousers or other clothing items. Men's belt types are used in a wider range than women. Anatomy of a Male Belt; The majority of men's belts have two main parts: a buckle and a strap. The male belt models are diversified with different designs of these main parts. Male belt prices are determined by the type of these designs and the materials used. In some arches, the strap and buckle are permanently assembled; can be taken separately and changed in other varieties. The part of the token that joins the belt is called the chin. Male Belt Buckles; The frame style is visible in almost all the official arches and at the same time in comfortable arches. The belt passes through the frame. The fork passes through the holes in the strap to secure the strap. Plate style is generally similar to detachable-snap arches. The plate is usually specially designed. Like the cowboy arches, for example. The box-frame style is hollow, metal and open-ended. No holes are required in the belt. The belt on the micro-adjustable toes uses a special type of ratchet track system. A folding metal part presses the 'teeth' of the part system towards the belt. Belt holes are not necessary. Leather Belt Types; Men's leather belt types are the best looking and softest, most flexible belts. The best quality men's belts are men's leather belts. There are many different types of these. The braided leather is used with a frame-style buckle for adjustable features: it is possible to place the braid in any mesh in the braid. Multi-colored braided leather is a nice summer fashion, monochrome braided leather is very comfortable for a suit, but it can also be combined with a sports jacket. Processed leather is designed with a special method that uses a stamping process that leaves a pattern on the skin and then painted to highlight them. These belts are usually used with jeans. Suede leather is often used for belts that are preferred in daily life. It is less durable than other skin types, but usually has more solid skin-supporting parts for extra strength.

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