Stiletto Models

Stiletto, which is one of the indispensible shoe models of fashion world that women do not lack from their wardrobe, is a case where the ladies are thrilled with different and eye catching shocks. In complementing the outfit, the shoes are the most important items that determine a woman's style and style. If you think that Stiletto shoes are also the symbol of your elegance and elegance, it is a shoe model that every woman has absolutely. Stiletto Fashion Stiletto shoes have emerged in the middle of the 20th century with the weakness and the thinness of fashion. With this shaping of elegance, we can say that you have taken this trend from shoes. Especially popular with Marilyn Monroe is the stiletto shoes which are very popular with the legs, 5-15 cm long heels with fine needle-like heels sitting on the legs. Uses of Stiletto Shoes These shoes, which are very stylish for women, are usually used in organizations, meetings, business meals, invitations and important days. The most important feature that distinguishes stylets from other heels is that it has an elegant look, is thin and has high heels.

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