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Today's fashion in the modern era has shaped quite a lot as designs evolve. Every year a new style is created while a new fashion style is created, and the old-fashioned heeled shoes continue to fit under any style of wear. Young ladies, mothers, grandparents, and all ages, this style appeals to all styles of fashion with elegant designs. Ladies' Shoes comes to mind first Stylin as well as the most beautiful part of the ladies' shoes are undoubtedly comfort. Yes, this is one of the known facts that you have not heard wrong. If you think you are starting to use high heeled shoes and your very high heeled heels will hit your feet constantly and you will have a balance problem or you will go to work you will not be able to run with thin heeled shoes because you will be able to use your padding heel faster and work your way faster and safely without risk of shaking your leg . In addition to these, you will have closed the day in a healthy way without compromising your comfort in the face of the reasons you will need to stay up all day long. Besides the comfort, let's come to other advantages. length scale of our conditions known women in Turkey is quite short. We are not sorry for that either, are we, ladies? Here, I will look for a place to be sad and squeezed in this situation, look for heels filled with showcases and do not break your own psychology and spend a full time enjoying shopping. How should you prefer your winter season shoes? The air is getting colder, showing the winter face after the autumn's coming. Although it is both gratifying and sad, this situation unfortunately changes our clothing style a bit. The real question is, besides all these bad conditions, what to do when we leave our house. How easy is it to say it is not? Actually it is difficult to choose, but because some of our women are careful, they take care of everything from clothes to clothes, and finally they complete themselves with shoes. In the season there is a saying of dressing and after all it is very meaningless to wear under open pants under cold weather conditions. In the winter months, the wrists or half lengths in the shape of a longer tongue, on the other hand, are zip fasteners, shawls, belts from the wrist, inner wool, As you can see, there are many. The important thing is that it is water-resistant and keeps our feet warm. It must have a protective structure so that it is skin and the inside keeps our feet warm. On the other hand, in the winter months, the weather conditions are a bit poor, so the base should have the non-slip feature against the risk of slipping otherwise it can give bad results. If the heel part is slightly higher than the ground water accumulation, we will be able to keep the height of the foot high and keep the heat level at an average level if the weaving does not get wet. We should pay attention to the selection of shoes for health! One of the most important accessories is shoes. We need to be a little careful to find both stylish and comfortable shoes. One of the real life rules everyone knows is health. Health begins to stand and this is now becoming one of the realities of our day. If you ask how, we will not be able to feel a part of our body by standing for a long time and sometimes we can cause diseases on the foot. He goes through a healthy orthopedically-worn shoe to keep all of these negativity. Women's wrong choices start here. Choices that are not suitable for a person's feet may have bad results and should be good quality and comfortable not to be stylish when choosing. We must not compromise on quality. We should not forget to use our preference for health because we are not cheaper. In addition to these, we will see that there is a protrusion inside the foot when we look at the inner part of the shoe which is round and the nose is rounded. This protrusion is a protrusion that supports the region corresponding to the foot curve. It is not a right behavior to increase comfort, to prevent walking and difficulties during sports, and to prevent pain and tiredness. It is not a correct behavior when we choose a shoe size that we have chosen very much. It is best to decide what shoes to take first and to use a flat orthopedic comfortable shoes without heels. Comfort should be on the front, while walking should not force our feet and air should be provided. The variety of shoes that are quite good in design attracts women. It is necessary to have technical knowledge as a priority for your design. It is presented to the market in a fashionable way as rear, front, bottom. Designing is rather difficult. When shopping for a woman or a boy, choose clothes according to shoes or clothes or clothes. So the designer should be everywhere. He must determine what he designs according to his needs and according to his needs. This should follow the fashion in detail. It must not fall back without adhering to past years, so that the model that the designer will create is presented in an original way. Another requirement for women is that they do not have to be present in the design presented. Although this is difficult, women are among their willingness. Shoes variants Babet sports stiletto boots This is quite difficult to be creative. If you are unique in design, you should not be uncomfortable with such ideas. Every style, every form, shape, shape, color may not address the same thing for everyone. This must be normal. The shoes that are put on the market are presented as a design that is generally integrated from other models. The end-to-end designers are doing quite well here. In this way, the different concept can be easily adapted for different applications in products which are quite good in design.

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