Ebbe Men's Moccasin Black Darkened Antique (Ebbe-19205.9785)

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Simplicity and chicness... Ebbe Men's Moccasin in black with an antique touch will be one of the favorite shoes of stylish men. It is loafer with a plain design garnished with fashionable tassels and darkened toe caps. Complete your chicness with Ebbe!

  • Black Darkened Antique Leather Men's Moccasin
  • Made of top quality calf leather.
  • Outsole Height: 2 cm
  • Outsole: Leather - It is the healthiest outsole since it is natural. It is breathable. Absorbs sweat and prevents bad odours.
  • Handmade
  • Made in Turkey.
Flat (<2 cm)
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