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Bılly Men's Sneaker Black Suede-Black Leather (Bılly-12900.1650)

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Bılly Women's Sneaker will let you experience the eye-catching harmony of suede and leather. It is a cool ugly sneaker with black suede toe caps, counters and eyestays, black leather vamps and tongues, black shoelaces, white strips on the quaters and white heel tabs. The grainy texture of black outsoles under the foamy white and grey midsoles crossing the heel borders provide wearing comfort while enhancing its classy design. Boost your charisma with fantastic Bılly!

  • Black Suede Black Leather Men's Sneaker
  • Made of top quality calf leather.
  • Outsole Height: 3,5 cm
  • Outsole: EVA - The lowest density PU is used. It is lightweight.
  • Handmade
  • Made in Turkey.
  • The model wears size 42.
Low (2 cm-5 cm)
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