Bidon Women's Sandal White-Navy Blue-Red Leather (Bidon-525.247)

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The elegant harmony of white, navy blue and red shows off on Bidon Women's Sandal! It is a peep-toed sandak with perforated white vamsp and quarters, square toes, navy blue eyestays and collars, red heel tabs, white shoelaces and red patches with metal accessories ans shiny stones. Its white ragged foamy high outsoles, black and red welts add more glory and chicness to its classy design. Be unique and take comfy steps with fabulous Bidon!

  • White-Navy Blue-Red Leather Women's Flat Sandal
  • Made of top quality calf leather.
  • Outsole Height: 4 cm
  • Outsole: EVA - The lowest density PU is used. It is lightweight.
  • Handmade
  • Made in Turkey.
  • The model wears size 36.
Low (2 cm-5 cm)
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