Porto Women's Moccasin Metallic Silver Hologram (Porto-GM 4534.74526)

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Porto Women's Moccasin is here to enhance your stylish look! It is a fancy loafer in holographic metallic silver garnished with black texts on the silver oversized tongues and holographic metallic silver bands over the insteps. Its black foamy outsoles and the black and white texts on its white and black welts and heels add more chicness. Stay chic and classy steps with eye-catching Porto!

  • Metallic Silver Hologram Leather Women's Moccasin
  • Made of top quality calf leather.
  • Outsole Height: 3 cm
  • Outsole: EVA - The lowest density PU is used. It is lightweight.
  • Handmade
  • Made in Turkey.
  • The model wears size 36.
Low (2 cm-5 cm)
Metallic Silver
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